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The Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC) is an independent, permanent coalition of trade and professional associations who share a common concern for the future of small business. The purpose of SBLC is twofold: to consolidate the strength and maximize the influence of business on legislative and Federal policy issues of importance to the entire small business community; and secondly, to disseminate information on the impact of public policy on small business.


Since its creation in 1976, SBLC has grown dramatically to represent nearly every sector of our economy including manufacturing, retailing, distribution, professional and technical services, agriculture, transportation, tourism, and construction. SBLC has become a unified force that is respected throughout the government. The Council’s views are sought and its opinions are valued by those in government who must decide how the laws of this nation are enacted and enforced.


As the CEO of the Door and Hardware Institute I have the responsibility to advance the needs of my members on a daily basis. Advocacy is an extremely effective tool to accomplish this responsibility and I have relied on the Small Business Legislative Council as my partner to succeed in our advocacy effort. Power is contained in knowledge and the staff and leadership of the SBLC provide me with the effective knowledge to advance the positions of my members. Without SBLC I would not be in the game! Jerry Heppes Sr.,

CEO, CAE Door and Hardware Institute

SBLC is an incredible – and affordable – extension of our professional staff that is singularly focused on the small business issues that impact our association’s members. Simply put, the information they provide us helps keep our members “in-the-know” on federal legislative and regulatory issues and makes us look good in reporting it.

Paul Stalknecht

Former President and CEO, Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Dedicated to the Interests of Small Business


  • The SBLC is concerned with the small business community as a whole, the issues on which the Council acts are those which affect all small businesses.
  • These matters include taxes, liability insurance, budget, antitrust enforcement, employment issues, government procurement, environment, establishment of a small business voice in Washington, venture capital, and other small business financing mechanisms…
  • This list is potentially endless, and it is being expanded constantly as SBLC members discover that many of the problems of their members are shared by smaller businesses in other industries. Any issue of importance to small business in general is important to SBLC.
  • The SBLC focuses on issues of common concern to the small business community, the Council quite properly leaves to the individual member the handling of its own particular problems in Washington.


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SBLC Reports

SBLC Conference Call Regarding the Impact of Tariffs tomorrow at 3:00 ET

Our phone conference concerning tariffs is tomorrow, July 25 at 3:00 p.m. EST.  The purpose of the call is to share information on whether tariffs are impacting your members and industries and to determine whether this is an area where SBLC should be taking a more active role. We expect the call to last about 35-45 minutes. Attached is a calendar reminder. If you have not yet done so, please RSVP to Kathy Moran at who will provide dial in information.   After you hear the beep, you will be joined to the call.   We have been advised that the quality of the phone line will be increased if everyone picks up and no one uses the speaker.  We look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.  Paula and... read more