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11-25-13, Senate Tax Reform Proposal
11-18-13, Health Care Policies Cancellation Solutions
11-11-13, Minimum Wage, Tax Extenders, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, IRS and SSA Inflation Adjustments
10-28-13, Tax filing delay, CPSC Commissioners, Baby budget deal
10-17-13, Debt ceiling, Tax reform
10-14-13, Debt Ceiling, Tax Reform, Entitlement Reform, Health Care Exchanges
09-23-13, Defunding Health Care Reform, Clean CR, Debt Ceiling
09-09-13A, Employer Notice Regarding Health Exchanges
09-09-13, Health Care Insurance Rates, Private Exchanges
08-26-13, Sequestration, Debt Ceiling, Tax Revenues, Tax Expenditures
08-05-13, Appropriations, Grand Deal, REINS Act, Lawsuit Abuse, Innocent Seller
07-22-13, Health Care Mandates, Postal Service Reform,Fall Outlook
07-15-13, Health Care Mandates,JOBS Act Rule, Reg Flex Fix
07-02-13, Employer Mandate Delayed
07-01-13, Equal Employment Opportunity Decisions, CPSC Commissioners
06-24-13, Bipartisanship, Tax Reform and Debt Reduction, Taxypayer Bill of Rights
06-10-13, Patent Trolls, Formaldehyde
05-27-13, Formaldehyde, Tax Reform, IRS, Regulatory Accountability Act, Immigration Reform
05-06-13, Marketplace Fairness Act, comp time, Manufacturing Reinvestment Act, Minimum Wage, Tax Reform
04-22-14, Marketplace Fairness Act interstate sales and use taxes
04-15-13, Comp Time, Finance Tax Reform Options
04-08-13, Budget Process, President's Budget, Employee Choice Health Care Reform
03-18-13, Small Business Tax Reform, Cash Accounting, Direct Expensing, Start up Expenses, S Corporations, Partnerships, C Corporations
02-25-13, Health Care Insurance, Issue Outlook
02-11-13, Sequester Number Magic, State of the Union
01-28-13, Commission Based Sales Force and Health Care Reform, Filibusters and Nominations, Reconciliation and Tax Reform
01-21-13, Home Office Deduction, Census Data, Fiscal Cliff Parts II and III
01-02-13, American Taxpayer Relief Act
01-01-13, Senate Tax Relief Bill
12-31-12, PPACA Large Employer Rules
12-03-12, Red Flags Rule
11-19-12, Large Employer Calculations, Tax Expenditures
11-13-12, Grandfathered Health Care Plans
11-07-12, Election Results
10-22-12, Payroll Tax Wage Adjustment, Expiring Payroll Tax Relief, New Payroll taxes, Pension and Tax Inflation Adjustments
10-08-12, Green Guides, Deficit Numbers
09-17-12, No Shutdown, CR, Sequestration Report
09-10-12, Small Extenders, AMT, Direct Expensing
07-30-12, Sequestration, Tax Extension Bills
07-23-12, One Year Tax Relief Extension Bills, Marketplace Fairness Act
07-16-12, House Health Care Repeal, Senate Amendment Tree, Senate Small Business Tax Relief bill
06-29-12, Budget Reconciliation and Health Care Reform
06-28-12, Health Care Reform Law Supreme Court
06-25-12, Surface Transportation, Student Loans, Congressional activity
06-11-12, Tax Relief Extension, Senate Small Business Bill, Paycheck Fairness Act
05-21-12, Tax Relief Extension
05-14-12, Midnight Rules, Congressional Review Act
04-30-12, Equal Pay bill (paycheck fairness)
04-23-12, Small Business Tax Cuts Bills, Buffett Rule, NLRB Poster, Postal Service Reform
04-16-12, Small Business Tax Cuts Bills, Section 199, Buffett Rule, Lame Duck Outlook
03-26-12, Health Care Debate before Supreme Court
03-19-12, Medical Malpractice Litigation Reform, Independent Payment Advisory Commission, Access to Capital
03-12-12, Access to Capital bills, Surface transportation reauhtorization
03-05-12, Access to Capital bills, Employee Rights Poster
02-27-12, Cash Accounting, LIFO, President's Tax Reform Plan
02-20-12, Payroll Tax Holiday, Self Employment Assistance, Work Share; Tax Relief, Sequestration and Lame Ducks
02-13-12, Form 1099K and Reconciling, Budget Request
02-06-12, No Inflation Adjustment Bill, Macroeconomic Assessment Bill, Surface Transportation Reauthorization
01-30-12, NLRB Issues, CLASS Act
01-23-12, Form 1099K, Tax Gap Report
01-09-12, Tax items Expired and Expiring
12-23-11, Drivers' Hours of Service
12-12-11, Regulatory Relief, Payroll Tax Relief, Appropriations, RFA and SBREFA, IRS Mileage Rates
12-05-11, NLRB Rules, House NLRB bill, Balanced Budget Amendment, Fiscal Year, Payroll Tax Relief
11-21-11, Chief Counsel for Advocacy, Government Contractor Withholding Repeal, Deficit Reduction Committee, Balanced Budget Amendment, Tax Outlook
11-14-11, Government Contractor Withholding Repeal, Deficit Reduction Committee, Balanced Budget Amendment
11-07-11, Government Contractor Withholding Repeal, Balanced Budget Amendment Capital Formation, Hours of Service
10-24-11, Government Contractor Withholding Repeal, Inflation Adjustments, CPI, Blue Slipping
10-17-11, Capital Formation. SEC law and rule changes bills
10-10-11, Millionaires' Surtax, Buy American, David Bacon, NLRB Poster Delay
09-20-11, President's Deficit Reduction Proposal
09-19-11,GSP-TAA-FTA International Trade, EPA Regulatory Analysis, Cellphone Tax Policy
09-12-11, President's Stimuli Proposal
09-06-11,Deficit Reduction, Regulations, Government Contractor Withholding, Patent System Reform, Stimuli, Fiscal Year
08-28-11, Employees' Rights Poster
08-02-11, Consumer Product Safety Regulatory Relief Bill
08-01-11A, Debit Ceiling Deal Update
08-01-11, Debt Ceiling Deal
07-25-11, Debt Ceiling, Pending Business, Small Business Lending Fund
07-18-11, Debt Ceiling, Cut, Cap and Balance, Lead Limit
07-11-11, Debt Ceiling Deal, AMT reform?, LIFO Repeal, Section 199, Consumer Price Index, Debit Card Swipe Fees
06-27-11, FUTA Surtax, NLRB Organizing Process Proposed Rule, Patent System Reform
06-20-11, FUTA Surtax, FICA Social Security Tax Holiday, HIRE Revival, States' Unemployment Tax Problems
06-13-11, Debit Card Swipe Fees, Regulatory Flexibility and SBREFA
06-06-11, Patent System Reform
05-31-11, E-Verify
05-16-11, Consumer Product Safety Law Revisions, Small Business Innovation Research Program, Medical Malpractice Liability Reform
05-09-11, Government Contractor Withholding, Drivers' Hours of Service
05-02-11, Lawsuit Abuse Reform Act
04-11-11, Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Resolution, Ryan Wish List, W-2 and Health Care Benefits
04-05-11, Senate Approves Form 1099 Repeal
04-04-11, Form 1099 Repeal Senate Style
03-28-11, Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments
03-21-11, SBIR/STTR Form 1099
03-14-11, Form 1099, America Invents Act
03-07-11, Form 1099, Patent Reform
02-28-11, Shutdowns, Boiler Regulation
02-21-11, Form 1099, Medical Malpractice Reform
02-14-11, Spending Cuts, Form 1099
02-07-11, Form 1099, Patent Reform
01-31-11, Ergonomics Log, Form 1099, Medical Malpractice Reform
01-24-11, Health Care Reform Repeal, Association Health Plans, Medical Malpractice Reform, Health Savings Accounts
01-17-11, Form 1099 Repeal, PAYGO Primer
01-10-11, Employee Rights Poster, Health Care Reform Repeal
01-03-11, Hours of Service, Red Flags, Trade Preferences, Fiscal Funding, Debt Ceiling
12-20-10, Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act
12-10-10, Tax Relief Extension Bill
12-06-10, Estate Tax Relief, Form 1099, AMT, Income tax rates, CRs, Debt Ceiling
11-29-10,Form 1099 Repeal
11-22-10, Form 1099 Repeal, Estate Tax Relief, Lame Duck Outlook
11-15-10, Lame Duck Outlook, Fiscal Responsibility, Baucus on Form 1099 Repeal
11-03-10, Post Election Analysis, Fiscal Responsibility
11-01-10, Election Predictions, Health Care Benefits and W-2s, Transaction Tax
10-04-10, Paycheck Fairness Act, Bush Tax Cut Chances in lame duck
09-27-10, Lame Duck Outlook, Tax provisions Expiring, Small Business Jobs Act, Form 1099 Penalties, Form 1099 Repeal, Lending Assistance, Direct Expensing, Depreciation Bonus, Listed Transactions, Self Employed Health Care Deduction, Start Up Expenses,Cellphone
09-20-10, Form 1099 Penalties, Form 1099 Repeal, Lending Assistance, Direct Expensing, Depreciation Bonus, Listed Transactions,Self Employed Health Care Deduction, Start Up Expenses,Cellphone, Office of Advocacy, Independent Contractors
09-13-10, Lending Assistance, Direct Expensing, Depreciation Bonus, Listed Transactions,Self Employed Health Care Deduction, Start Up Expenses, Form 1099, Congressional Outlook, R&D Credit, Cadmium, Hours of Service
07-26-10, Lending and Tax Relief, TSCA, Carbon Tax
07-19-10, Small Business Lending, Self Employed Health Care, Home Office, Direct Expensing, Bonus Depreciation, Form 1099 Senate Bill
07-12-10, Formaldehyde, National Standards, Form 1099 IRS Notice, Form 1099 Penalties, Fiscal Commission
06-28-10, Estate Tax, Bonus Depreciation, Small Business Stock, Listed Transactions, Start up Expenditures, Non SBA Lending, Borrower Assistance Program
06-21-10, Small Business Stock, Listed Transactions, Start up Expenditures, Non SBA Lending, Borrower Assistance Program
06-14-10, Small Business Stock, Listed Transactions, Non SBA Lending, Extenders, EPA Endangerment Finding
06-07-10, Extenders, Carried Interest, S Corp Wages, EPA Endangerment Finding
05-31-10, Red Flag Rule, PPACA to ACA, Extenders, COMPETES Act
05-24-10, Extenders, S Corporation Taxation, Hexavalent Chromium, Small Business Lending Fund, COMPETES Act
05-17-10, Non SBA Lending, Form 1099, Budget Resolution, S Corp Taxation
05-10-10, Estate Tax, Extenders, Form 1099, Consumer Financial Protection, COMPETES Act
05-03-10, Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
04-26-10, Employment Tax on S Corporation Shareholder income
04-19-10, Cell Phone Tax, Form 1099 Penalty Increase
04-12-10, Climate Change, Patent Reform, Financial Institutions Regulatory Reform, Jobs Tax Forgiveness/Credit, Health Care Credit, Health Care Insurance Coverage Changes
03-22-10, Hire Act (Jobs Tax Relief, Direct Expensing), Health Care Reform
03-15-10, Lithium Batteries, Woody Biomass, Jobs Bill, Extenders
03-08-10. Jobs Credit, Mini Jobs Bill, Maxi Jobs Bill
03-01-10,Jobs Credit, Direct Expensing, Pension Investment Advice
02-22-10, Jobs Bill, TARP Lending, Direct Expensing Allowance
02-08-10, IRS Audits, Creditworthy, Estate Tax, AMT, Direct Expensing
02-01-10, President's Budget, Estate Tax Relief, Direct Expensing, Small Business Stock, Jobs Tax Credit, Mental Health Parity
01-25-10. Estate Tax Revival, Credit Card Receipts Information Report, Consumer Credit Disclosures, Greenhouse Gases and Ozone
01-18-10, Special Election, Debt Ceiling and Estate Tax, AMT
01-11-10, Clean Air Ground Level Ozone
01-04-10, Health Care Analysis

12-28-09, Estate Tax Repeal, Retroactive Extenders
12-21-09, Estate Tax, Extenders, AMT, Tax Rates, Capital Gains, Health Care Reform, FICA tax increase
12-14-09,Estate Tax, Extenders, Duo bus, Stimulus Options
12-07-09, Estate Tax, Extenders, Continuing Resolution, Health Care Cloture
11-30-09, Estate Tax
11-23-09, Senate Health Care Bill, Payroll Tax, Extenders, R&D Credit, Annual Meeting
11-16-09, Payroll Tax, Business Income and Personal tax rates, Estate Tax, Administration Outreach
11-09-09, Homebuyer's Credit, FUTA, NOLS, Form 1099, House Employer Mandate, Red Flag Rule, Genetic Information Non Discrimination
11-02-09, FUTA, Homebuyer's Tax Credit, NOLs, Form 1099, House Employer Mandates
10-26-09, Lending Programs, Statutory Pay-go, Form 1099, Estate Tax, FUTA surtax
10-19-09, Inflation Factor, AMT, Estate Tax
10-13-09, Senate Health Care Reform Status, Medical Malpractice
10-05-09; PERAB, Employment Tax Audits
09-28-09;Finance Health Care, Form 1099, Home Office Deduction
09-21-09 Baucus Employer Mandate Proposal
09-14-09, Debt Ceiling, Deficits
09-08-09, Summary of Pending Small Business Issues
08-03-09, Employer Mandates, Independent Contractors, Chief Counsel for Advocacy
07-27-09, Independent Contractor Bills, CEA Health Care, Minimum Wage
07-20-09,Health Care Reform Bills Comparison
07-13-09, Listed Transactions, E-Verify and No Match, Lines of Credit
07-06-09, Employer Mandates, I-9 Enforcement, Card Check Lite
06-22-09, Health Care Mandates, Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
06-14-09, Forms 1099, Cell Phones
06-08-09,Credit Card Protections for Small Business
06-01-09, Chief Counsel for Advocacy, Health Care Reform, Short Term Loans, Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
05-18-09, Credit Cards, Cap and Trade, Green Book, National Small Business Week
05-11-09, Form 1099
05-04-09, Budget Resolution Details
04-27-09,Consumer Credit Practices, Budget Resolution
04-20-09,Budget Resolution, Cap and Trade, Tax Day
03-30-09, Budget Numbers, Home Office Deduction, Virtual Town Hall, Fuel Efficiency, Specter off Card Check
03-23-09,Self Employed Health Care Deduction, Taxing Health Care Benefits, Private or Public Option in Health Care
03-16-09, Labor Organizing Law and Small Business, Patent Reform
03-09-09, Budget Tax Proposals, Card Check, Form 1099, Second Stimulus
03-02-09, Tax Rates, Budget Process, Estate Tax, Alternative Minimum Tax, LIFO Repeal
02-23-09, SBA Program, Budget
02-16-09, Stimulus Law Details
02-09-09,Stimulus Finish Line, Estate Tax
02-02-09, COBRA, Internet Based Lobbying, Small Business Committee Priorities, Stimulus Update, Climate Change
01-26-09, Stimulus Fine Print, Fair Pay, Card Check
01-19-09 , Pay Discrimination, Stimulus
01-12-09, Pay Discrimination Small Business Impact
01-05-09, Stimulus, Small Business Leadership