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“For more than a decade, the Pet Industry Distributors Association has relied on SBLC to be our watchdog in Washington. Our members know that SBLC will be an effective advocate protecting their interests in Congress and the federal agencies.  Small business issues--from taxation to transportation infrastructure, regulatory compliance and labor concerns—are SBLC’s sole focus. This is one business coalition that every association with small business members should join.”


Steven T. King, CAE

President, Pet Industry Distributors Association

Thank you for your interest in the Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC).  SBLC consists of many of the nation’s top small business trade and professional associations.  For over 30 years, we have worked with our member organizations to present a strong, united front to the federal government.  The business members of our member associations participate in nearly every sector of the economy, including manufacturing, retailing, distribution, professional and technical services, agriculture, transportation, tourism, and construction. This gives us an added perspective when we are talking with Congress and the Administration.


We also help our member organizations understand federal laws and regulations affect their member businesses.  SBLC provides issue papers, newsletters, and other timely materials to its member associations to help them to in turn provide information to their business members. As such, SBLC works on a wide array of issues that affect small businesses.  Over the past year we have worked on such issues as taxes, health care, immigration, energy, legal liability reform, minimum wage, pensions, and many others.  Our views on these issues are sought and our opinions are valued by those in government who must decide how the laws of this nation are enacted and enforced.


By coming together in the SBLC, our member organizations are able to impact far greater change than any one organization could do alone. When you join the SBLC you will have input in the SBLC’s priorities. Our talented and highly respected staff engage with lawmakers and regulators to ensure that the voices of our member organizations, and their members, are heard and their interests protected. We also provide issue papers, newsletters, and other timely materials to our member associations which our members are encouraged to share with their members under their association banners. You will find the investment modest for the very valuable representation and information that you will receive as a member of the SBLC.


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SBLC is governed by its member associations.  Each member has full voting rights in the selection of chairman, officers, and board of directors.  SBLC's Board of Directors meets regularly to oversee the Council's day-to-day affairs.


If you have any questions, please contact our office at 301-951-9325.

SBLC has been a long and consistent voice for small business owners. Yet another example for our organization, which was one of the original SBLC members, was during our 2015 Federal Lobby Day effort. Bringing together small business leaders from across the country to Washington to meet with legislators, regulators, and policy leaders on issues relating to transportation funding and tax reform, SBLC’s Paula Calimafde was recognized as the most informative, insightful, and informed speaker. SBLC continues to impress!

Roy Littlefield

Executive Vice President, Tire Industry Association

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    SBLC membership is open to associations whose members are predominantly small businesses or independent professionals.

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